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ApolloCon 2011 is pleased to announce that our Writers Workshop will be coordinated by author Patrice Sarath.

The workshop is an opportunity for writers to learn critique skills and hone their craft. The workshop is free to ApolloCon members, however space is limited and interested writers should apply in advance. The deadline for workshop applications is June 5, 2011.

All workshop details can be found on the ApolloCon 2011 website.

Deadline: June 5, 2011
Word count: 5,000 words
Send RTF files to: Writers Workshop Coordinator - writers_workshop dot 2011 at
What to send: First chapter of your unpublished novel or complete short story.
Genres: Science fiction/fantasy/horror as well as young adult in those genres. Please do not submit fan fiction.

If you are serious about improving your writing to take it to the next level, please send in your work. This year the workshop will focus on selling to genre markets, with an emphasis on revising and presenting your work professionally.

The workshop will consist of your fellow workshoppers and at least one professional writer. Work should be as polished as possible before you submit. Each piece will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed.

The workshop will be held 9am-12pm Saturday June 25 2011. Participants must have valid ApolloCon 2011 membership by workshop start time.

Please e-mail the workshop coordinator if you have any questions.


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